Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trenton Update #2 - Is It Getting Hot in Here...?

Following our coverage here and here about Trenton Mayor Tony Mack’s unsuccessful efforts to countermand a pay-to-play bar imposed by his City Law Director, anonymous sources are leaking that Mayor Mack himself is now under Justice Department investigation for pay-to-play and election law disclosure violations.

The Trentonian is reporting that its sources have confirmed that Trenton Mayor Tony Mack is being identified as a “person of interest” in an FBI probe “focused on alleged pay-to-play violations, fraudulent Election Law Enforcement Commission reports, and even a June 2010 event held by Atlantic City political insider Joseph Jacobs at his Linwood shore home.”

At present, the main players in this drama are not speaking. Bloomberg News is similarly following this story and to date has been unable to get anyone at the Mayor’s office or at the FBI to comment on the leak.

CHEAP SHOT ALERT. The following embed is a gratuitous cheap shot that I lack the self-discipline or willpower to omit.


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